Dental Care

Periodontal disease is one of the most prevalent conditions found in small animals. It can cause inflammation, and bleeding. If left untreated, Periodontal disease can cause tooth and/or bone loss.


The most obvious sign of dental disease is bad breath. Your furry family member is actually not supposed to have bad breath. Some of the less obvious signs are redness along the gum line, tartar build up, and calculus. You may also notice your furry family member eating slower and more carefully than normal.

Successful dental care is not only about treating the problems, it’s also about providing prevention. Pet-safe toothpastes and tooth brushes are available for purchase at our local pet supply stores. Food additives that reduce tartar build up and keep your furry family members breath smelling fresh are available to purchase in our office.

If a full cleaning is necessary, for your convenience we offer safe, ultrasonic tooth scaling and polishing under anesthesia for your pet. Your furry family member will be monitored by both the doctor and medical equipment.

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