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Our goal at AC@KC is to assist you in keeping your pet happy and healthy throughout their lifetime. For us, that starts with great preventive care.

We are a full service small animal veterinary hospital serving Fort Myers, FL. It is our promise to you, that we will provide quality, compassionate care to your pet, regardless of age or breed.

Our approach is simple. To tell you straightforward what we think is best for your pet. The relief of stress and distress from disease or simple “fear” of the visit. We then address the issues that brought you to us. Whether it be your pets’ annual physical exam, illness, or injury. Your pet will be given the best evaluation and assessment possible. Then, we, together decide what course of action is best and most effective. Your input is one of the most important factors that we use to make the important decisions.


Please, Please, Please pay attention.
There are now 7 confirmed cases of Canine Influenza and 6 pending cases of Canine Influenza in Florida. This disease is highly, highly contagious. The name is a misnomer, Canine influenza can also affect cats and can be deadly to them. So, if you live in a mixed pet household, we strongly recommend getting your dog vaccinated against this potentially deadly disease.

We are not trying to cause a panic, but want you to be well informed and to be aware of the symptoms. If you think your pet may have contracted this disease, please CONTACT US before coming into the clinic.

For more information from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine , please click HERE.

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